Your Daily Practice

“It is safe to look within” – Louise L. Hay
Your Daily Practice

Have your relationships been on rocky ground, like some event or experience has them more off road than on the smooth freeway ride? 

Do you feel that the days pass you by, and yet there is no time for you in this chaotic world? You are always playing catchup. Are you spending your days existing, rather than what you ever imagined living would be like? 

You know that you have a purpose, yet you don’t seem to have found it yet? Or are you held back by limitations? 
Did you know that we all have core beliefs – those beliefs are written on the pages of our life during our formative years. 

Inferiority, unworthiness, feeling that you are undeserving of reaching your goals, or guilt and shame over what has happened in your life up to this point are all reactions and emotions that we have stored up to the age of 12. 
These files are those that we ‘pull up’ when we encounter situations as adults – it is how we respond because that is the default programming we have had. 
These beliefs are not necessarily true. 
Though they are destructive patterns that we don’t know how to change. All we know is that there appears a better way – you see it in others, yet so far it has been illusive for you. 
You have been seeking answers and inspiration to live the life you dreamed of. Life has no pause button. You know that in order for things to change, something has to change. 

Imagine that you find that magic that can have you sacking the Itty Bitty Sh*tty Committee, and changing your thoughts that then change your life. 
That magic that allows you to understand yourself, that allows you to release a lot of whats holding you back from achieving your full potential. 
You wouldn’t seek a plumber for your financial affairs, yet many of us seek insight or help from those that are in the exact same situations, they just don’t disclose it. 
Mr Google has been given a work out while you try to find exactly what feels right to truly make a difference, and yet, despite the dollars you have spent, you still haven’t found it. 

Then this is for you. The conversation to disrupt the plummeting into the ever comfortable Negative Nancy shoes. 

The process of Self Love and understanding with daily habits, tools and insights to be able to live a more authentic life free of pain and limitations that so far, have got you through but not truly experiencing all the good that is your divine right. 
A mentor, a partner, a coach – someone that is there to consult in confidence. With a weekly hour long session, plus 3 email or text conversations each week, you will be guided to deal with whatever challenges with a fresh set of eyes. 
Having someone to run things past. Someone that can demystify and introduce you to a way of living embracing life in a practical, yet healing way. 
Breathe. I’ve got you. Let go, of the tension, stress, the struggle. 
Do the inner work – it’s a daily habit, the same as showering. Let’s clean up and begin living. 
Truly embrace an abundant life of Peace, Harmony and Joy, you are so worth it. - 

 Your Daily Practice – Mentoring with Wendy 
A 48 week partnership to transform your life with daily habits, guidance and mentoring - Weekly zoom 1:1 
call - Text Support – Mon-Fri – hours: 10.30am – 4pm on an as-needed, if required basis 

What is covered: - 
How to implement the daily practices – movement, mindfulness, self love practices 
- Keep on track with Affirmations - Gratitude practices - Moon cycle rituals - Crystals – an understanding and guidance - Meditation & Visualisation
 Note: This package does not include Life Coaching. 
Depending on circumstances, coaching packages will be made available along with an intensive retreat. 
Rewrite the scripts and learn practices of Self Love. 
Become more self aware, and explore the Inner Self, learn about the cosmic energy, crystals, the elements, and become versed in essential oils for your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing to truly embrace an abundant life of Peace, Harmony and Joy. 

Energy Exchange
48 x 1 hour coaching call @ $180/hr $8640.00 
3 Text/email contact points - Total of 1.5 hrs/wk @ $180/hr $12960.00 
Total Value $21600.00 
Your Daily Practice Package cost $3600.00 
To have mentoring that works, that provides the calm you seek. (Payment plan – 9 months @ $400 pm)