The Positive Ripple Effect

“It is safe to look within” – Louise L. Hay

The Positive Ripple Effect
The Louise Hay philosophy, through books such as “You Can Heal Your Life” has touched over 50 million people worldwide. That book has had such a profound effect on so many as it addresses Letting go of limiting beliefs; Releasing past hurts; Gaining balance in body, mind and spirit; Creating a healthier lifestyle; and above all, how to love ourselves. How do I know if the book and Louise's work really does impact lives? Because I have done exactly that through using the tools that I will coach you through along this journey. It was 34 years ago that I first had the book pop out of the shelf - a clear sign that it was what I needed at that point in time. One of my favourite pieces of Louise's work is her book, "The Power is Within You". And I believe it is within You, to create the Life you truly want for yourself. 

So here’s the thing. I coach people who are 100% ready to do the work AND willing to change their lives. There is no part-time, sometimes, maybe, when I feel like it. Yup, it can be uncomfortable, even confronting so its not when things are cruisy. Yup, its an all-in gig. Let me get the disclaimer out of the way. No, I am not one to pet your arm and indulge in any poor you conversations. I liken it to having someone in your corner that will be super honest with you, and with a kind heart, will call you forward. I will listen to you, and I mean ‘hear’ you – the things you do and don’t say and will encourage you to explore the aspects that I feel you may be leaving buried. Yes, we do work through the onion layers but then that is what you are here for – for me to be your coach, your confidante, your accountability partner, your tough love girl because that is what will give you the most value and it would be pointless to go through the experience short changing yourself. Besides, both your time and mine are valuable so spending it doing the work, celebrating the victories and having a belief overhaul so that your Self Love, Self Acceptance, Self Belief are elevated and you feel you no longer have to stay in those comfy slippers of misery, no longer having to listen to the inner voice that has been a constant hand brake on your dream life. 

So you know, most women I work with are quite self aware but feel they are stalled in experiencing all the good life has to offer. They feel stuck in a pattern chock full of negative emotions and cannot seem to break free. That there is no clean bill of health for all areas of their life, with little to no life balance, and though they may have reached a level of success by societies measures, it has come at a sacrifice where pleasing others instead of themselves is just how it has been, and expected. They don’t want to get too much further down the pathway of years living with any regrets, shame or guilt over what could have been – what would have been. They know that they have a greater purpose – one that involves serving others, and they want to find the passion to truly make a difference. Life coaching involves a professional relationship that helps you to explore, clarify and shift values, beliefs, emotions and behaviours, deepening your understanding, acceptance and love for yourself and others. As the coach and based on the Heal Your Life philosophy, I listen, ask powerful questions and offer observations to increase your awareness and focus, encouraging you to take action. Coaching focuses on where you are currently and what you are willing to do to reach the life you desire. You are instrumental in the process based on your commitment, intentions, choices and actions, with my support and empowerment. 

You are supported as you apply what you have learnt, to achieve that best version of you that you seek. Typically with coaching, a series of sessions is most beneficial to create lasting change – it requires a long term commitment to receive the benefits of going to deeper levels with lasting positive change. Single sessions are also available for quick shifts.

 Casual Session - $180/hr (please allow 1.5 hours to allow for 15 min prior to, and 15 mins post session) 

6 Session Package - 6 x 1 hour sessions (allow 1.5hrs as above) $960 ex GST

 10 Session Package - 10 x 1 hour sessions (allow 1.5hrs as above) $1500 ex gst

Payment plans are available so please talk to me if this is your preferred option.