Everyone Matters

So here we are.  In the most interesting times in my lifetime, that’s for sure.  As a child of a World War 11 Veteran, I would often hear from both mum and dad about living during those critical times in history.  We often laughed about a mere family stoush being our World War 111.  But this is not a time for laughing.  And although this is not a war as such, these are times that see us beginning to feel the same effects as those that endured the wars of the past.

Though I believe that there is good to come out of all of this.  Not the loss of loved ones and the suffering of anyone who may be affected, but in the metaphysical healing that we as a peoples and our planet has needed.

This is a time of retreat.  One where The Universe is offering us the opportunity to reset.  To reconnect with ourselves on a very intimate level – to heal.   For when we take the ownership of that healing of the Self, we can only but feel that ripple out to our family or intimate circle, our community, our society, our global community.  

What do I mean about reconnect with the Self? I mean a time when we can stop the noise, we can stop the busy-ness, stop the distractions, and step into self nurturing; self love; reconnecting with nature; feeding our Soul the gift of quality words – both written and audio; or video.  A time of us learning more about ourselves, and unravelling some of the layers that may have had us living disconnected, from being real – instead living behind a mask.  And that is most of the population.  

The masks… can be a myriad of, and usually is.  A mask to roll over to greet your partner in the morning, another when we meet our kids for the first time that day, yet another for our workplace, and another for our parents or siblings or friends.  Each in place, so as to form a protective barrier against being vulnerable or real, for fear that we might just not be good enough.   Not good enough in our own eyes – often I hear of people who speak to themselves worse than anyone would tolerate. A fear of falling short if we were to be our real selves, in the eyes of our partner – we have to ‘be’ what we think it is that they will love about us. Striving to be the best parent, so a mask that portrays that we are capable of leaping giant buildings, or cooking the best and most favourite meal or we know all the answers, or that we can display courage when deep inside we may be shitting ourselves.

Then there is the mask for our workplace or business, where it covers our self doubt about not only our ability (aka imposter syndrome), but our worthiness too. Whether we are good enough!  Then there is the one for our parents, family and friends.  That mask that we never want to be anything but always the good girl or good boy, the best friend, stepping up to meet the expectations that others have.  And to be honest, what I have seen and felt, is that is just so bloody energy draining.   Is it any wonder that at the end of the day, exhaustion is how you feel and yet you get into bed, only to be met with the day repeating over and over in your head.

So is it any wonder that we need this time?  When we cannot be so busy, distracted, responsible for whatever it is. But we are given the opportunity for us to reconnect with ourselves – to meditate, to move in yoga and practice mindfulness, to read a soul nourishing book, or finish any of the projects or courses that we have started but always were ‘just to busy’ to do so.
And a walk in nature, or to sit out under the Moon and stars and just take time.  That was a particular favourite for me as a child, with Mum and I on a blanket on the grass, looking for the Southern Cross, the Saucepan, and the bright stars that were my beloved pets or relatives that had passed over – a time where I could talk with them because I could see they were shining down on me.

This is also a time when we can reconnect with family.  Too often, our lives are that busy that we only get to know our family on the surface. Taking time for quality conversations, play time – even for adult children, and time with your partner.  For some though, this could be am uncomfortable time.  And if that is the case, then this may also be a time for evaluate so as to make some big decisions in one’s life.  Sometimes, it takes for us to be immersed in something before we will take right action for our Self.

There are situations where people keep themselves so busy, with commitments to a variety of events and people so that avoidance of facing what is real is achieved.  One way to check in is to honestly assess just how much you create diversions so as to never have to confront what is or isn’t working in our life.

So too, in our local communities, that opportunity for us to get to know our neighbour or local shop keepers or service providers becomes our focus as we remain close to home.  We can get to know, like and trust those within our area and services that we can access closer than what would be the norm prior to this time.  We are all being given the opportunity to pull together, to come together. Yet we are provided the most intimate demonstration of love and respect that we could have for another human being – social distancing.   It is now time for us to be considerate humans, and realise the potential for something as simple as staying away, and how that can have the most positive impact for those that you care about. This is where I see things are falling down alittle – that we think that just because we feel well, that we in this moment, are fine.  Yet that could be a vastly different story for those whom we come in contact with, should we feel that the message of retreating does not include us.  Particularly selfish really.  Its time to be conscious of everyone – yes the elderly and those whom may be higher risk, but EVERYONE MATTERS.  And so, until this thing is under control, let’s all practice the opportunity that is being offered here.

As for the planet, we can already see from the images circulating on social media, just how Mother Gaia has responded to the slow down and reset.   Where once were murky waters, now are dolphins and swans.  Where once there were images from outer space that provided evidence of the pollution, now those images show a vastly different story – one that shows that the Earth can breath again.

We will always have the vastness of the global marketplace, where we are going to be able to access services that may not be available locally, and a return to ‘home’ will be as a result of our different ways of ‘being’ and working. But for our physical world, even our appreciation of our local areas and that of our country as a whole will see the tourism industry become more prosperous than it has been before.  Because of that appreciation, we will holiday at home, exploring parts of our country that the past few months have brought to our awareness.  We certainly are in changing times, and in my opinion, all for the better.

My heartfelt sympathies to those that are suffering as a result of this.   My heart aches for those whom have passed.  This is just too similar to that which occurred with my mum’s passing, so I am practicing even more so, the social distancing by staying at our place for this is where my heart is and my Soul prospers.

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