What it takes - on the path to living a life of Love and Joyfulness

Most head through life on auto-pilot, with the assumption that circumstances happen, in what we now know to be the victim mentality.  It's not until we are faced with a catalyst for change - and the saying that "when the student is ready, the teacher appears" allows the right person to appear that leads us on the path to enlightenment.

The very reason we have 'circumstances' is that we are, or have become, far removed from our essential selves.  We look at the things that are 'wrong' in our lives, instead of understanding that it is all part of our divine plan.  Everything that happens in our world is part of our journey, a gift, a lesson;  and presents in divine and perfect timing for the next stage of our growth in this physical experience.  We lose touch with what we are - a Spiritual being - all Love.  And we deny that loving, kind compassionate side of us that allows us to attract only good circumstances. 

When we make every day, one of observing; living our life with awareness and accepting the lessons that we are here to learn, we create our world of Peace.  That place where we are connected to oneness - the Universal energy that is in each of us allows us to truly love every aspect of our Life - there can be nothing that can be so bad in our lives.  Because we create our reality, any discomfort or dis-ease is a sign of things that we need to look at within, that can propel us into that life of Love and Joyfulness.

To observe, instead of taking on board, leads to us not being locked in one perception of an event, but allows us to be open-minded and look for the good, the opportunity for growth.  What we focus on expands, therefore what is represented in our present lives is the evidence that we can address or look at, to aid us in our quest for a better life.  A life of service.  A life of contributing to the betterment of our environment, both outside of our homes and inside of our relationships with those we have been blessed to have join us on our journey. 

Gratitude for all; every experience, every Soul, for life; sheds a different view on our world.

                The role of a spiritual teacher is to consistently point to the limitless possibilities available to us.  
I would be honoured to be that for you.

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