First New Moon of 2020 - I Feel You

The First New Moon of 2020 – the new decade

To know that this one truly is potent…. I rise, my daily practices accompanied by the feeling of the energy – head spinning like a bad case of vertigo. 

My cards for the day –
               The Universe is always conspiring to support me, guide me and lead me                    compassionately toward the highest good.
               The Universe powerfully responds the instant I realign with Love.
               I can do Less and attract More.

Feeling the energy today, powerful – intense – making my head spin.

How true the card messages.  And my mat messages, again they are never wrong!  Allowing the messages to flow and the images of those that come to mind.  At the forefront, Comparison is the thief of Joy.   When you compare yourself to others, even You don’t see the value, the love, the energy, you wished others would see.   So often, its our default.  That self doubt, that disbelief, those inner whisperings of whether one is Enough.

Today, the intention setting on this first Full Moon for 2020 holds so much energy for me – to be ME.  For far too long, I have metered out what others see – that playing small to hold together relationships that really must be more flimsy than what I would like.  I have always given enough – enough to make others feel comfortable.  I have given my authentic self, and always what I thought best in my life, when thinking about how much of me I have shared - how I feel -my deep inner thoughts. Authenticity never watered down, but guarded about the parts of me that I have so often felt others would be quick to judge, or not comprehend.  
So today, and from this point on, I know it is safe and absolutely perfect time for me to live more openly in my friendships.  Not to live more openly in my safe relationships – those that are my closest, those of my clients, they get all of me, living all out; but in the relationship with those I allow into my inner circle – those I have metered out my authentic self, the deepest Me. And sometimes living this way is difficult – when you can feel people – their real Self – not the one with the masks to attempt to deceive of how they truly feel, how they truly live, what they truly believe.  Relationships are always evolving – they can run hot and cold.  Purely because of what’s happening in the mind of the other. To remain in the state of Love, that pure state of acceptance of another, is where I aim my default always to be.  Like everyone, I too work on this when it may be presented otherwise.  Everything that presents, is the opportunity to grow and Be more aligned with Source.

And in my coaching and healing business, it truly is a gift and has been a blessing for the many that our paths have crossed.  You see, people truly do want to drop the baggage.  They may have read the books, attended a few courses, maybe even sought out a counsellor or coach.  Yet it doesn’t seem to have made much difference.  Because when you do that action – and it is all always Right action, they have the ability to only acknowledge or disclose the parts of what is going on. There is always the opportunity to withhold, and usually, through fear of Judgement, that then holds them in the same space.  That is irrelevant when working with the 4 C’s.   Clairsentient – clear hearing, Claircognizant -  clear thinking, Clairaudient – clear hearing;  and clairvoyant – clear vision.  

My first 3 Clairs are the strongest – these gifts have guided me up til now in life.  I allow, through who I am, people to trust – to relax – to be free to allow that stored up emotions (energy in motion that has bounced around inside manifesting in many ways), to finally, gently, wholly – be set free. Holding space, non judgemental and loving space, for one to heal.  I feel the energy – and I don’t mean we have to be face to face right in front of me, but of one and how they are vibrating.  No need to use words, I feel you.  I feel your energy as your authentic Self, never mind the words that one may think can contradict that vibration.

As I open up my coaching and mentoring diary for 2020, I allow people to continue to seek me who want to work with me.  I am not everyone’s cup of tea – and that is perfect.  Those that really want to do the inner work, that seek to be lighter, that choose love, joy and freedom, are those that will gravitate to work with me.  And I love, honour and cherish each.  It is such a different relationship than just the norm of practitioner/client.  It is a Soul journey!
So my intention today is to step into faith, that the Truth Seekers; the Light Bearers – those that see we are all valuable, all unique – especially those who feel the need for competition; will walk with me – toward what beauty awaits as we leave our footprint, our heartbeat in this beautiful world!

I’M IN AWE of the magnificent guidance that’s available to me.

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