The importance of Self Love

The difference between Self Love and accepting all of who we are; and that of Self Loathing and not respecting nor treating our bodies with Love is a contentious debate.
On the one hand, we have the side that says “eat that piece of cake” or “take it easy and rest on the couch” as if denying of such acts  is done with only the thought of outside appearances and where judgement is all that is at the forefront of mind.  And on the other hand, we have the stepping into total Self Love, where we will treat ourselves to healthy food and exercise options whilst balancing a lifestyle of sleep, rest and play. 
Often it is demonstrative of where we are on our journey.  Too often, we have to endure a major event to make changes to healthier ways of being, whether that be food choices, meditation, exercise, forms of rest and relaxation and choosing to always be a student.
I believe there is far too much, nowadays, of buying our own excuses and then when our body begins to suffer those poor choices, we will accept all the directed sympathies for what we are enduring.
From experience, I get it.  For a lot of my youngest years, I only saw coming back at me from a mirror, someone who was overweight but in doing my own personal development since my mid 20’s, I realised that my eyes were operating like one of those magic distorted mirrors we used to have fun with at the local agricultural show sideshow alley. I was seeing a distorted image based only on my own perspective, influenced by my own Self Love.
I learnt, since stepping into personal development and especially the work of Louise Hay, that for me to truly enjoy my best life, I am to love and accept myself just the way I am.  And, that means that I choose to take care of my body.  So many affirmations that I include in my daily mirror work and when I am aromatic dressing each day, where I am loving on myself.  We live in a world where most have been conditioned to be judging of another.  

I am witness to a large number of our population – some are featured in magazines with inspirational stories of their lived experiences, yet there are still those in our society that instead, judge and assume that what they look like must come at a sacrifice. 
We are moving toward our communities where many choose to love themselves, their body, their mind and practice high quality self care each day in movement and mindfulness – usually yoga; eat wholesome nutritious foods – often vegetarian or vegan; and ensure sufficient self nurturing and rest practices so as to in peak health. 
There are some that judge those people too…. That they should allow themselves indulgences – maybe that chocolate bar, that milkshake, that wine or nibbles; because not doing so means they don’t practice Self Love.  So right there, we see that Self Love comes in all different perspectives and desires.
I know that at this time of transition into my wise years, I have experienced some of the body changes that just don’t feel good – not for what they look like (– yet I am still conscious there too), but for how I feel internally.  And I believe that there are others that have experienced the same.  So, in order to be at peak health, and to address the way I feel, I do partake of fasts and  cleanses, reduce or deny myself some of the foods that we have been accustomed to believe can be consumed in moderation and not have an ill effect.  That, at this time, is simply not true.
So for the past 25 days, I have been taking part in a Cleanse and Restore program and I have returned to a specific lifestyle menu that I know not only addresses balancing of my insulin, my HGH and my Seratonin, but also helps with those effects related to the wise years – you know, the Seven Dwarves of Menopause.  
This has included a well balanced, nutritious and calculated meal plan, and some of the best nutritional supplements and essential oils on the planet.  Whilst there has been a set mealplan to follow with the program, I have continued to include essential oils that have supported me emotionally, and physically ensuring that I have adequate and restful sleep.  From Cedarwood, Lavender, Vetiver, AromaTouch, Litsea and Easy Air for sleeping, to Tea Tree, Wintergreen, Cypress, Lemongrass and Cedarwood for aromatic dressing and keeping emotional balances.  My diffusers go all day, all over the home as I appreciate the healing benefits of the aromas. For me, its about mind, body and Spirit. And I practice daily rituals with the oils ie aromatic, topical and internal, so that I can be the best I can be as I move into the second half of my century. Yes, I incorporate crytals, Reiki, and other modalities I believe contribute to my good health, because I am worth it!

From where I sit, Self Love is what will make our lives the richest and is so very necessary for peace, harmony and to experience true abundance. Justifying that extra choccie biccie or choc bar as abit of self love, and those extra few kgs that result from the compounding effect of poor choices; we look at the  results from not treating our bodies with respect and in a lovingly healthy way, and then we spiral down into the whole judgement of appearances with guilt and shame riding shotgun.  Too often, these choices are followed closely by ill health or pain in some way – mental and emotional along with physical.  

We don’t need or want perfect because that in itself is also denying of Self Love, but we must, in order to live fully our existence, aim to be healthy and appreciate our body as our vehicle of luxury while we are here in this period in time.  
The same as you wouldn’t put Reject Shop engine oil in a Lamborghini – a vehicle that one could sell or trade in for another.  We must not accept that putting substandard ‘fuel’ into our body aka our vehicle while we are here in this period in time – a vehicle we cannot trade but is with us for the entirety is ok. 
If treated well, in an holistic way with body, mind and Spirit, our life vehicle can lead to us living with  the longevity for us to enjoy every experience meant for us before box day!

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