Just one drop

Just One Drop
I’ve experienced it… I’ve witnessed it.  
Irrespective of the circumstance, or what is being felt at the time, Mother Nature already had it taken care of.  From the Sun and Vitamin D, to the ocean and its Vitamin Sea (I like to refer to that as Mother Nature’s heartbeat), or the plant medicine, or the crystals and the energy.   We have had nothing ever to feel lack of.  She has provided it all.
I have seen where drops of Tea Tree oil has eased a little child’s mozzie bites.  I have witnessed drops of Console help release long held grief, and the freeing experience that that letting go allowed.  That is us, in our humanness, being at one with all of what She has to offer.
At Convention a couple of years ago, the ‘one drop’ that I mention was there on-screen, as confirmation to even the biggest skeptic.  How just one drop can have such an impact in this world where stress and disharmony are being experienced – its indiscriminate and so very damaging. The emotional wellbeing of everyone around us has to matter – everyone matters.
And in my work, I look at what is being experienced as physical ailments as the body’s communication method of a probable cause of the emotional kind.  And in 99.9% of the time, it is absolutely spot on.  So whilst I look at what drops will ease any physical issues, I look even deeper at what drops will ease the emotional Being along with altering the thought state with subtle but profound reprogramming.   And it all works!!  
Then there is the choosing of oils, intuitively, and observing what that one drop will provide the body – what it is asking for, moving the Conscious body out of the way even just for a minute. For the person who has never experienced this before, this is fascinating.  There are no accidents and the messages that are provided in that moment of choice can uncover, for the individual, a whole new world.
Now that is what I love….. the mystery that is our Higher Power.
Just one drop, Let's make a Change
Taking the step to explore for oneself is often the most difficult, yet most rewarding.  

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