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Healthy can be simple

Our family had an eventful 2004. From weddings to life endings and many things in between.  Life with teens, especially active teens plus full time work were what kept me extremely busy.  My work in the natural health space also took me, or us as a family, to Melbourne for the annual conference and we drove down, meaning that we had the opportunity to catch up with friends along the way.

It was also during this year, that I was introduced more fully into recognising what was going on within my body.  My dad had passed away in July, and during September, I had a thermo-image (an alternative to a mammogram) that identified something in my left breast to be concerned about.  I did go through the usual conventional medicine process, but also worked really heavily with those that I had surrounded myself with in the traditional and natural healthcare field.  From my teacher of Lomi massage and our relationship that allowed me to confirm what I thought this was all about, to a brilliant naturopath that had me having B12 injections in my left ear cartilage, eating apricot kernels, drinking juices that I had made from the newly purchased juicer that kept enzymes intact.  Meditation and work in the metaphysical space was also a large contribution to how I felt.

This was the first opportunity I had to dive deep into how our body manifests our emotions.  The stored energy was so strong that it manifested, appeared on that thermal image and propelled me to really do an overhaul of how I treated my temple.  You see, you only get one vehicle to travel these miles (years) in and it is best if you get this lesson sooner rather than later.
So fast forward on 15 years, and for the past few years that I have taught the work that I lived back then, I am now co-facilitating a workshop that is designed to assist the participants in truly looking within.  To see what is going on inside the body, to evaluate the practices that one undertakes in order to keep the body a well-oiled machine, and to introduce some concepts that will allow one to feel much lighter.   During our life, it is the events that occur that we deposit remnants of emotion – like rocks, into our emotional and mental being.  Like picking up a rock for each event that there may have been some debris as a result, and storing it in a virtual backpack, the weight of the debris can have a major influence on how you soar through life.

I invite you to come explore - UNPACK.  It is fascinating stuff, and something that I will continue to do until my transition from here.  To have the tools, the know-how and the commitment to live your best life is a gift only to be given to oneself.  Noone else can do it for you, it is that which has me doing this work on me, and assisting others, on a daily basis.  It is so worth it!! 

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