About Me


That ‘feeling’ that rushes past our lips when we experience that sense of relief…. A sense of appreciation, of gratitude in an audible snippet.
 That sounds like Shear Relief. And that is how we start the positive ripple effect.. in the business of living.

Hi, I am Wendy Parker, 

Life Coach and Heal Your Life & Teen Empowerment Workshop Facilitator, Licenced by Hay House and approved by Louise Hay and doTERRA practitioner.

I work with women and specialise in 3 main areas:

-helping women who have are encountering recurring health challenges that they have yet to overcome.

- supporting women who are seeking healthy and positive relationships in their lives.

- mentoring women who feel there is a bigger mission than what they are living to find their purpose.

These women are wanting to be the best version of themselves, in mind body and Spirit. They have investigated, are open and curious and ready to look inwards to reach that final transformation.

They have tried a variety of services and checked out other options to overcome their challenges yet are finding there is still a missing piece that will give them the result they are seeking and the resolution that will allow them to live their best life.

They are ready to do the work, they know it will be challenging but they know the payoff of living an empowered life is worth it. And they are looking for a mentor to guide them through that process.

Do you know you have a purpose yet you feel you haven’t yet found how to live that, or you feel there is a piece of your own individual puzzle missing from your life?

Do you have repeated health challenges that stop you from living a vibrant, healthy Life?

Are you looking for a more connected way to be in relationship, not only with yourself but also with others?

Do you feel that the same lessons keep repeating? Just with different puppets in this play called Life?

Then you are in the right place

I know exactly how you feel and am here to help.

My beautiful daughter was chronically ill for many years and western medicine was at a loss to help her. We tried many things but nothing really worked for her and she was declining. I knew I had to do something different as well as attend to the inner work needed to deal with things.

Through using alternative health options, doing consistent inner work and healing, my daughter began to heal and not only survive but thrive. In fact, I blossomed too!

 I am so glad I put in the work not only for my daughter but for myself and my husband too because we each then faced our own health crises.

The previous years of doing the Inner work and choosing natural products and a lifestyle with a focus on healthy eating and looking after our physical health, always choosing the alternative health options were crucial to our wellbeing. Both of us came through our challenges stronger, wiser and healthier. We moved to plant medicine in order to improve our health and maintain a toxin free lifestyle. This is where the power of the oils and healing work came into it's own once again. Safe to say, I am passionate about sharing the traditional and non traditional forms of healing to benefit us all.

Along with my experience and passion for health and healing I have always had the gift of knowing - highly functioning intuitive abilties. Right from a young age, I knew I had this gift but in that earlier time, the acknowledgement and acceptance of those gifts was not available to me.

In fact, when I shared my gifts of 'knowing' as a young child I soon learned that it was not safe to share my gifts with others.

It wasn’t until my much later that I felt I could live and evolve with it. I allowed my gifts to resurface and not only help me but others as well. I have a 'seeing and knowing' that helps others in terms of specific health issues, emotional blocks and experiences they have. These gifts have been a great ally and served me to understand my being here, help others transform and allowed me to respond rather than react to whatever Life has presented.

Life happens for us, not to us. It is who we are through experiences and how we process the event that is going to determine our emotional & mental, physical and Spiritual well being. To explore what our physical body is communicating, where we are out of balance or our emotions are playing out. That’s why I have a deep passion for this work.

At any time over the course of our family’s health challenges, I could have endured burnout and found myself in a hole, with an inability to cope during any of one of the ‘speed bumps’ life offered our way, if I hadn’t done the work.

I know wholeheartedly that I would not have come out the other side, to share my gifts with other people like you .

There are many benefits in getting to know and grow your Self through and with life, be not against it or out of sync with what is presenting for you.
And that’s what I do – I empower people to heal, to do the work and to come out thriving. That’s what I would like to do for you.

I care about you. I have been where you are, and I can tell you, you are so worth the effort. So Breathe!! Let go! I’ve got you! Do the inner work… and I am right here with you.

 “You offer something that actually works. You offer your whole self, you listen, 
you say it how it is, you use real life examples that you have been through to relate and be relatable. 
You make the confronting situation feel comfortable and not silly” [Mandy F, Brisbane]

• If you are ready to take action and do the work.
• If you are ready to heal what needs to be healed.
• If you are ready to embrace that missing piece and to feel whole.
• If you are ready to have a mentor to actually feel vibrant and blossom,

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